Legal Status as of February, 2019

South Lampac LLC (Florida)
Lampac Internation
al LTD (Missouri)

International  Business Consultants
Import / Export
Manufacturers’ Agent

Lampac International’s primary function is as an exporter of U.S. Medical Device Products and as a 3rd Country Trader (buying in Asia and selling in Latin-America).
Specifically, we:

1. are exclusively North-American Purchasing Agents for a large Argentine manufacturer of Medical Devices and Generic Pharmaceuticals.  We purchase, consolidate and ship their requirements of Raw Materials, Spare Parts, Components, Packaging Materials, etc.

2. with the collaboration of our Sales Office in Buenos Aires, book orders from leading medical importer/distributors in Argentina and other Latin America countries for  products manufactured in The United States, India, Taiwan,  China, and Malaysia.

3. represent a Nordic/U.S./Malaysian company for the sale of their products under one or more of their Brands of Foley Catheters, Endotracheal Tubes & Tracheostomy Tubes in Latin-America.

4. act as a non-exclusive exporter for a variety of U.S. Health-Care companies.

Lampac International solicits enquiries from
smaller U.S.A. manufacturers anxious to sell in
Latin-America without the hassle of
creating their own Export Department.

Lampac International, Ltd.
Hillsboro, MO – 63050

Legal Status as of February 2019:
Carlos Guillermo Vinocur of Tigre, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Jorge Omar Lauletta of Buenos Aires, Argentina, are both fugitives from the law in both the United States of America and Argentina, having committed corporate fraud against Lampac International Ltd. and mail & wire fraud against the United States of America (18 U.S.C. § 1341 and 1343 ). They have also broken two laws in Argentina relative to the illegal product registration with the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Republic. Guillermo and Jorge currently try to maintain the fraud through a Florida, USA Company they have called South Lampac LLC.
For more information or if you are a vendor or a customer wishing to join the class action lawsuit, or check status of the lawsuit, please contact